Spiritual Counselling & Guidance

What is spiritual counselling & guidance?

Many people come to us and ask what is spiritual counselling and Guidance and so this page will outline some of the answers for you. Firstly spiritual counselling and guidance perceives life as a personal journey of self learning and inner contentment and life fulfillment.

We help people to begin to enjoy a happier and more meaningful life by helping to support the process of healing and transformation by providing a trusting and safe place for a life change to take place. Our experience enables us to naturally provide empathy to our clients and create an authentic connection with each other which help you to become comfortable with us which will enable you to share and express your deepest thoughts.

We can respond to your deepest issues and help you overcome the anxieties that these issues bring and help turn them in to positive thoughts. Some of the inner feelings that we can help you overcome can be issues such as low self esteem, low self value, fear of criticism or judgement. We can help nurture and grow your self-esteem and confidence as well as help you live your life in a way that makes you happy rather than living your life in a way that pleases others.


Is spiritual counselling and guidance right for me?

Spiritual CounsellingDo you feel like your life is empty, do you have a lack of self esteem, value and confidence but are unsure of how you can turn these negative feelings around? If the answer is yes then spiritual counselling and guidance is something that you could consider.

Although counselling skills can be taught, at Tarot Guiding You our team are not only experienced, but it is in our nature to help others overcome their issues. We are extremely friendly and understanding that each person who comes to us is unique and we can adapt the counselling sessions to suit your own personal circumstances and each client and their problems are treated on an individual basis.

We recommend that you get in touch with us today by sending us an email from our contact page and we can give you a deeper insight as to how we can help you. We are also on Facebook if you wish to network with us