Our Terms and Conditions

Tarot Guiding You is a company that offers Tarot Card Readings, Mediumship, Spiritual Counseling and Astrological Birth Chart Readings

Please read the following and be happy and fully conversant with these terms before proceeding with your order for a session of your choice.

Readings and Sessions

  • All Clients must be 18 years of age or older to book and receive a reading
  • If you are currently undergoing any medical or psychiatric treatment or problems it is your responsibility to make your chosen guide aware of this fact.  This will enable us to discuss this situation with you and agree the way forward
  • All information, counselling and readings are given in good will and on the understanding that nothing can be guaranteed
  • All information, counselling and readings are given based on the current spiritual and psychic energy vibration and are linked to your free will enabling you to choose any path or way forward that may change or effect outcomes 
  • We reserve the right to terminate any reading at any time.  Should for any reason this be the case, you will receive a full refund within 3 business days
  • All Clients are free to accept or reject any information, guidance, counselling or messages given at any time
  • All information given, in all forms by Tarot Guiding You, is given with the full understanding that all Clients are free to make their own choices and have their own free will


Appointments and Payments

  • Once a Client has chosen the Guide they wish to work with for their session, the full Booking procedure must be followed
  • All Clients will need to contact us via email or telephone to arrange their appointment 
  • Payment for any booked service, including email readings, is required in full at the time of the booking
  • Payments are accepted using the PayPal secure service, offering a choice of PayPal, Credit Card and Debit Card payments, and are taken over the telephone using the PayPal Here facility
  • All Clients will receive a confirmation booking notification, confirming their booking time and the procedure to follow at the time of the appointment
  • All Clients are responsible for Telephoning or Skype calling their chosen Guide at the confirmed booked appointment time
  • Tarot Guiding You reserves the right to not refund any missed appointment time.  In the case of your appointment being missed, please contact us as soon as possible at tarotguidingyou@icloud.com
  • Email readings can be booked and paid for in the same way as Telephone or Skype bookings.  
  • Email readings will be emailed to an email address of your choice within 3 working days of receiving the booking confirmation

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice

  • The Tarot Guiding You Website is available to Clients on a here and now basis
  • All Clients undertake to use the Tarot Guiding You Website entirely at their own risk
  • Tarot Guiding You is a fully maintained Website and therefore cannot be held responsible for any virus, loss of data or any other unforeseen loss
  • Please note that the law requires us to declare that all psychic readings are for entertainment purposes only
  • All Clients accessing the Tarot Guiding You Website must fully accept and comply with these terms at all times
  • We would advise that any Client that disagrees with any of the terms and conditions set out on the Tarot Guiding You Website, leaves our Website
  • All Clients acknowledge that all information, data, images, quotes, pictures, illustrations and other materials on the Tarot Guiding You Website are for you on this Website and must not be copied or reproduced without written permission from Tarot Guiding You

Data Protection

  • We would advise that any Client that contacts us via email that we will use this address to reply to you
  • Your email address will not be used in the future by us unless you contact us again
  • We do not share any email addresses or personal information with any other person, company or body at any time
  • If you wish that we do not or keep your email address in our records, then please advise us of this and we will confirm that your details have been discarded 

Terms and Conditions last updated 25 May 2018

Tarot Guiding You reserves the right to update the Website terms and conditions without prior notification or notice period

For further questions, queries or information regarding these terms and conditions or any other part of the Tarot Guiding You Website:

Please Contact: tarotguidingyou@icloud.com