Online Tarot Readers

Welcome to our website, we are a friendly and experienced group of online tarot readers based in a number of locations throughout England. Our aims and objectives are to help people through our online tarot and clairvoyant services.

We believe that we are able to add back the personal services that many of the large online tarot readers websites seem to have forgotten about. Our small but diverse team are online everyday ready to help you, whether you require tarot, clairvoyance or live psychic readings we are ready to speak to you.


Online Tarot ReadersWhat can Online Tarot Readers do for you?

Our experienced team is made up of Cherida, Dorothy and Gwen and we all have our own unique approach to tarot with both Cherida and Dorothy specialising in Tarot Readings. Whether you are looking for your first ever online reading or if you have done this many times before we can help with many aspects of your life.

There are two types of reading, question readings which is where we address a specific question or problem areas of your life. Open readings is where we analyse larger aspects of your life whether it be when you are entering a new chapter of your life such as marriage or a new job or it could be concerns about your well being or health.



How should I prepare for my reading?

We ask you to keep your options open. For example if you have a pre-conceived answer to a question you want to ask us then you are not allowing the tarot cards to guide your overall decision. If there is a problem in your life that you are looking for the solution to then you should focus more on a broader scale of the issue rather than a specific detail of it. This will allow you to open your mind and understand how to focus on finding the ideal solution.

You need to focus on yourself, afterall the reading is for you and not someone else that you may think is the problem. You need to think about what role you play in the situation that you are seeking help in the cards for. Finally and very importantly, stay neutral in order to open your mind to other points of view. The cards will not be able to help guide you through if you believe that your opinion is the right one.

We are also available on a number of social networking websites including Facebook and Twitter