In memory of Dorothy

Dorothy Wedding Pic


25 June – 1 February 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Dorothy.

Dorothy was a very unique and gifted lady, who touched many lives and helped many people with her insight, spiritual guidance and counselling.

Dorothy will always be remembered for the help and impact she was able to give to others, be it from her friendly ear and great wisdom, or her understanding and great depth given by her compassion and empathy.

Dorothy’s light shines on not only with her teachings and wisdom but the for difference she made.

It has been our honour and privilege to have Dorothy with us and we will never forget her.


In a moment of silence we give thanks for the blending of the physical and spiritual worlds

May our hearts have seen the real beauty of human life, may our eyes have vision to see and our ears to hear

Heavenly Father, Divine Spirit, may your Angels bless these two now united, as they tread the path of spirit together,  May they feel the refreshment of thy pure Spirit

Do not think of life and death as being separate.  Do not think here and there, but concentrate upon eternal life.  The physical body lies down and a new inward, soul and spiritual state is experienced.  Losing the heaviness and weariness of mortality, a new beginning is formed, having found rest, peace and love

Beyond and beyond, there is no limitation to the life of spirit

The purpose of creation is unfoldment and growth.  The essence of life is spirit.  Spirit will tell you that as surely as the sun rises, eternal life is ours

We live

We are eternal

There’s no death

Cherida Bainbridge – September 2015