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Hello, my name is Gwen, and I have over 25 years service and experience in Astrology in calculating and interpreting individual Birth Charts

I am fully qualified and intuitive and able to offer an in depth look at your life, traits, character and personality.  This is particularly useful when considering Relationships and Career

Most of us know our Astrological sign, with is our Zodiac sign that the Sun occupied at the time of our birth, and possibly we’ll be familiar with some of the characteristics associated with that particular sign.  However, this is only a very small part of the story; a calculated and interpreted chart can complete the picture and gives a really in depth look and understanding of ourselves on a deeper, unconscious level.

If you would like an Astrological Birth Chart drawn up and interpreted, then you will need to complete the required information as part of your booking

The information required for your chart is:

Date of Birth – Place of Birth – and most importantly Time of Birth, if you know it.

The time of your Birth gives an accurate blueprint of your life.  Without this, I can still produce an informative chart for you, however, it won’t contain as much information as a timed chart.

Please note, that if you are unsure of your time, then I always advise it is best to draw up the chart without it, rather than estimating the time and using this instead

Astrology is not fortune telling but a psychological tool to understand what you might be attracting into your life, why you’re attracting it, and the development that this can bring

If you would like to know more about what I can offer and what Astrology can bring to you, then do please visit our Astrology page, and feel free to contact me with any queries at

Please contact Cherida on 07834 921873 to book a Telephone or Skype Appointment with Gwen

Please remember to give 48 hours notice for your appointment, as all Birth Charts are personally drawn up in preparation for your appointment

I have appointments available Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

Appointments last between 1 and 2 hours

Telephone and Skype Appointments are £50.00

  1. Please Telephone 07834 921873 to make your booking
  2. Please do leave a message if I’m unable to answer, and I will call you back as soon as possible
  3. Arrange a convenient appointment and as part of your booking you’ll be asked for your name and address, contact telephone number and date, place and time of birth, and email address if you have one
  4. Payment is taken over the telephone at the time of your booking, using the PayPal Here facility, where you can pay using either your PayPal account or any accepted debit or credit card.  This service uses the secure and confidential PayPal service which accepts all major debit and credit cards
  5. A confirmation email will be sent directly from us to you, confirming your booking and contact details to use at the time of your appointment