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“Whatever is born or done at this moment in time has the qualities of this moment in time”  ~ Carl G Jung

Astrological Birth Charts

An Astrological Birth Chart is a map of the unconscious

It is also a map of the skies taken at the time, date and place of birth, and therefore, it represents a type of blueprint of a persons life.  It indicates potentialities rather than actualities, as Astrology is not a fortune telling device

A person will live their life within the confines of the chart, including the choices as to how, or whether in deed whether, to develop the potentialities and overcome the obstacles.  This always remains the individuals own choice.  Free will is very important in Astrology; having a chart interpreted will hopefully help the person to understand themselves on a deeper level, can reveal characteristics as well as uncovering unconscious motivations and therefore is today one of the most valuable psychological tools available to us

Most of us will know our Astrological sign, being the Sun Zodiac sign that was occupied by the Sun at our Birth, and we may even be familiar with some of the characteristics associated with that particular sign.  However, this is only a part of the story; a calculated and interpreted astrological chart can complete the picture and uncover a wealth of information including our unconscious motivations, why we choose the relationships and career that we do, as well as offering some solutions as to how to handle life when things get difficult to manage

A Personalised Birth Chart

Your Birth Chart is calculated using your date of birth, your place of birth and most importantly, the time of your birth, if you know it

The more accurate your details, the more accurate your Birth Chart will be.  We all know our Date of Birth and most of us will know where we were born; both of these pieces of information are necessary in order that your chart can be drawn up, although with only this information, some key elements of your chart will not be known.  To enable a full chart, you will need to provide the time of your birth. As providing the time gives a much more in depth and complete chart, it is important that this time is accurate.  If you are not sure of your absolute and accurate time, then it is better to proceed with just your date of birth and place of birth.  If you are unsure about how to proceed, then please do feel free to contact Gwen on email at gwen@tarotguidingyou.co.uk with any questions.


Main Characteristics of a Birth Chart

A Birth Chart shows where the planets were at the time of your birth, and depending upon the level of personal information that you can give, will show exactly where the planets were positioned, the houses of the Chart that they were in and the Zodiac Signs that they sit in at the precise moment that you were born.  It will also show the Sun and the Moon, your Rising Sign, Descendant, MC and IC, all of which form parts of the Angles of your chart

An example of a Birth Chart, containing this information, can be seen in the example images above right and below.

Black Astrocalc

What Astrology can give you

The Quantum Theory is that everything is linked to everything else, and therefore we are a little copy of the universe and the solar system. Therefore our Sun is the centre, being the most important part, and from which everything else radiates. Whilst the Sun is your true self, all of the planets represent energies, and it is these energies and influences within your chart that can give a wealth and depth of knowledge which hopefully will help you to have an understanding about ourself on a deeper level

Our Rising Sign

Most people don’t realise that just as important as their Sun sign is the Rising sign.

What is a Rising sign?  =  It’s the degree of the zodiac coming up over the  eastern horizon, at the time of your birth that makes your Rising sign

The Rising sign gives the outer personality.  It represents how you see life, how you perceive life, how other people see you, how you start or approach new things.  It can be a life long lesson to become who you truly are and understand the differences between your Sun and Rising signs and how they are interacting with each other

Our Descendant

Similarly, the Descendant provides a really good understanding of what and who you attract to you to make you more whole, as they have the traits that you don’t own yourself.  It can show what you look for in a partner and a marriage. Simply put, our Descendant shows what we can’t easily find within ourselves

Our MC

Our MC on the other hand is completely the opposite.  This shows us what we aim for in life and what we want to achieve.  The characteristics and traits shown here give a good indication as to how we want to be seen by others.  It gives insight into our life’s work and career and therefore is often linked to how we’d like to be remembered by the world

Our IC

Our IC, literally sitting opposite our MC, represents the home and the opposite to work.  Our IC represents where we retreat to, our true selves, and in effect it’s like understanding the root of us.  It’s where and how we relax and truly be ourselves.  So whereas our MC represents our outer life, our IC represents our inner life