Angel Guidance – Appreciate the Beauty of Simplicity 225/365

Appreciate the Beauty of Simplicity

Beauty of Simplicity Rose

Everything that you desire is yours; the trick is realising this, and that there never is any need to strain or struggle for something

As soon as you ask it can be given to you

By going quietly into the depths of ourselves we can begin to realise not only what it is we want and need, but how to go about achieving it.  In doing so, we are then challenged to put a deep sense of faith into our Guides, Angels and the Universe at large to help us realise our true potentials, that ultimately ensure we are on the correct path of our Destiny, and hence harmony

So often fear encourages us to over complicate things, when actually simplicity is the key, and from this, a reward of beauty

It is only our Ego’s that allow this fear and confuses our self-concept until eventually sometimes we can end up wading through a complex mesh of unrecognizable scenery. Don’t buy into the Ego’s script

Put your energies, depths and time into your own unique unconscious and gently unlock their mysteries so that they may be realised in the here and now.  The more we do this, the simpler and more beautiful life becomes.

Life is simple, and so is love.  It just is

That’s the simple truth

Simple Truth Wood

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