Wisdom in the Stars: Leo – Jul/Aug

Wisdom in the Stars

Leo Lion


23 July – 22 August

Our Wisdom in the Stars series is taken from Wisdom in the Stars ~ Joan Hodgson, White Eagle Trust

The sign of Leo, coming directly under the influence of the sun, its ruler, has long been known as the ‘royal sign’, for it bestows on its children the vitality, warmth, radiance and will-power which make them natural leaders.  The sun enters this sign approximately on 23 July each year, and during the month which follows summer is still at its height.  It is interesting that many of the flowers which bloom in English gardens at this period display the flaming gold, orange, and warm tawny colours which belong to the sign of Leo; interesting also that August is the children’s holiday month, since in the horoscope Leo is associated with the fifth house, ruling children and pleasure as well as love affairs and speculation.

In Leo the element Fire manifests in its fixed quality, and if we can by the exercise of our imaginative powers correlate the characteristics of a steadily glowing fire (or of the Sun itself) to human life and conduct, we shall gain an idea of the nature of the sign.  Children of Leo Leo cardrespond simply and unquestioningly to the dictates of a warm, ardent, impulsive heart, which is the mainspring of their activities.  All the Fire signs stimulate and intensify the affections, but Leo, which rules the heart centre, is pre-eminently the sign whose influence unfolds consciousness of the power of love as the controlling centre of the Universe.  Within the heart of every man is the spark of God, which must eventually wax and glow until it becomes first a steady flame and finally a glorious star or sun.This spark of God, the infant Christ established within the heart, is influenced and guided by each zodiacal sign in turn.  In the process of its education sometimes the ‘child’ must struggle so hard with the limitations of matter that it can find small opportunity for full expression of its powers, while at other times it is given more freedom.  When the soul incarnates under the influence of Leo, it has reached a period at which the Christ, or the Sun within the heart, is allowed some freedom of expression, and can demonstrate in creative work how well it has assimilated its previous lessons.  Always the heart of man has direct access to the divine Light, the Source of Life; but not always can this power be brought through into physical manifestation.  When we are born strongly under the influence of Leo, however, our whole being is set to obey the dictates of the heart, and during that incarnation the spirit has an opportunity for creative self-expression.

The fact of being consciously or unconsciously en rapport with the heart of the Universe gives to the soul a sense of security and self-confidence, so that it does not need to look to human authority in action and belief.  In fact, it usually objects to doing so, and only feels happy when allowed to work on its own initiative.  Children of Leo are never so contented as when working out an idea or project in their own way, and is so doing draw around themselves a band of helpers who, fired by their Leader’s enthusiasm, and under his instruction, are willing to undertake various aspects of this work, particularly those connected with laborious detail.  In this way the Sun-power, shining through the heart, attracts to itself satellites to form a group of small universe, and rules the whole with benevolent despotism.  Souls working under zodiacal influences which deny self-confidence are attracted to such natural leaders, who give them strength, support and warm, affectionate encouragement – usually not unmixed with patronage!

The fact that the Light within the heart is stimulated and allowed expression causes children of Leo to be simple, wholehearted and sincere in whatever they undertake.  The soul will thus respond to the influence of the sign, no matter what its age and experience, for the heart of man is fundamentally incapable of subterfuge.  The joyous send of power and well-being given by this inrush of vitality and sunlight may cause a feeling of self-importance in the inexperienced soul, who may become bombastic, boastful and inclined to over-ambition; much as a child given the materials and freedom will cheerfully attempt to draw a picture that would tax the powers of a trained artist.  Fully believing in its own ability, when its efforts come to nothing, the soul will be more astonished than any once at its own failure.

This essential vitality also finds expression in the inexperienced soul through love of luxury, display and the use of gaudy colours with showy ornamentation; while the sense of inward freedom and powers of creation turn more towards pleasure and self-indulgence than to constructive work.  The soul may then use its powers of leadership purely in the idle pursuit of pleasure instead of in service to humanity. Even the affection characteristic of Leo is often marred by being indiscriminately and over-lavishly bestowed; the ardour and generosity of souls under the Sun’s sign often overpower those who receive them.  Many are the heartaches and disappointments suffered before wisdom is blended with love, and the lesson mastered.

Here it is interesting to consider the Greek myth of Phaeton, the son of Apollo the Sun-god, who claims his privilege to drive the Sun-chariot across the heavens.  When this privilege is grated he finds himself unable to control its fiery steeds, so that they bolt, and flung out of his chariot, he perishes.  This story illustrates the tendency towards over-confidence in its own powers, which tempts the soul to choose the path of self-will instead of obedience to the God-will within.   When the ‘child of the Sun’ thus claims his birthright, the Sun-powers released within him may prove too strong for his control, and the creative fire is squandered in foolish self-glorification and indulgence.  Instead of enthusiastic friends and co-workers, he draws around him flatterers and sycophants who will desert him in time of trial, and bitter is the sorrow and disillusionment which he much face.

Leo, the sign of kingship and royal authority, teaches the soul the lesson of obedience to the God within, for it is only by itself becoming obedient to divine Will that it can learn to control the first kingdom which it must rule, the kingdom of the self.  Through this aspiration and the exercise of the divine Will, all the vehicles are gradually drawn into alignment with the magnetic forces of earth and heaven. Mind and emotions, warmed and irradiated by the divine Love, will be guided and restrained by divine Will and Wisdom; while the physical body will manifest the harmonious government of the Fire within by its poised erect carriage and by radiant health and magnetism.

The white light of the Sun contains within itself all the colours of the rainbow; so the soul when incarnating under Leo can, according to its age and experience, understand and harmonise with each of the seven rays of progress.  Apollo was patron of all the arts and sciences, and the released sun-powers within the heart enable a soul successfully to devote its attention to government, teaching, science, art, healing, philosophy, or mysticism and ceremonial; but it will always claim freedom to work independently along the lines chosen to lead and organise those who wish to follow its example.

Children of Leo are simple-hearted, having an innate faith in God, in themselves, and in the honour and good-will of other souls towards them.  For this reason they are often hoodwinked by those unscrupulous enough to take advantage of their simplicity and somewhat artless vanity.  In the experienced soul such deception occasions much sorrow and bewilderment and a temporary if somewhat half-hearted attempt at cynicism.  But even after such setbacks the sun soon shines again, and more wisdom has been stored for future use.

Leo teaches the soul the true meaning of love.  By means of many experiences the soul’s vision increases, unit it learns that while the real self, the spirit within all men, is constant and trustworthy, often the outer or lower self fails.  With this realisation comes knowledge of its own true function as a leader, which is to search for and encourage the good, the spark of divine Fire in others; or to discover the crock of gold hidden at the end of the varied rainbow manifestations of the outer self of men.  Thus is will find justification for its faith in the innate goodness in others; and know that however often the outer, lower self denies its master, the real self will rise again and again with renewed effort to become worthy.  It then endeavours to lead and inspire by example and by unquenchable faith in the ultimate victory of that nobler self, a victory which will lead every soul through the valley of the shadow and onward in the Land of Light.

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