Angel Guidance – Thought for Today 199/365

See Other People Through Angel Eyes

~ Doreen Virtue – Daily Guidance From Your Angels

Turquoise Angel


The human ego is annoying – that’s its very nature.  It irritates you because it creates friction as it attempts to dissuade you from love.  This ripple in the energy field is unpleasant.

You’ll always be troubled if you pay attention to other people’s egos, because you’ll only notice the darkness and shadows.  This focus leads to fears that goodness is a myth and you’re alone and unloved.  The only way out of this abyss is to view yourself and others through our angelic eyes.  What you concentrate on is what you’ll see, which is what you’ll encounter.

If you’d like to experience a greater sense of love and feel more secure about yourself, then look past the ego.  See beneath the annoying traits to the place where love and light reside within each person.  Steadily gazing at this treasure chest within every individual will uncover a peacefulness that you’d long forgotten about.

Pebbles & Daisy

I focus on the love and light within others.  Since the ego is annoying, I choose to put my attention elsewhere and view people through the eyes of the angels.  The more I see love within everyone, the more I feel it inside myself.

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