Thought of the Day – 27 June

Rosemary for Remembrance: Sowing Herbal Hopes and Wishes

Herb Pegs

Balm brings you sympathy and Marjoram joy

Sage is long life . . . Sweet Woodruff augurs well for health –

A blessing richer far than wealth.

While Lavender means deep devotion,

Herb of sweet omen, Rosemary conveys

Affection and remembrance all your days.

May Heaven and Earth and Man combine

To keep these blessings ever thine.

~ Rachel Page Elliott

Herb Garden“Today, sow some symbolic seeds, even if you don’t have a garden, as a gesture to ritualise the new life you Herb Stepsare creating within.  Ask for the blessing of Spirit and the nurturing of the Great Mother and know that in due time there will be an abundant harvest for yourself and those you love.  “In search of my mother’s garden I found my own” Alice Walker tells us.  Today, may this be your discovery as well as mine” ~ An extract from Simple Abundance, Sarah Ban Breathnach, 27 June

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