Thought of the Day – 25 June

Tarot Guiding You – 25 June 2013

Simple Abundance

Simple Abundance

For many years now, I’ve been a loyal and interested follower of Sarah Ban Breathnach, the author of Simple Abundance

“Simple Abundance is a book borne out of a deep personal need, written for women who wish to live by their own lights.  Like millions of women, Sarah Ban Breathnach found herself searching for a way to reconcile her spiritual and creative longings with often overwhelming commitments to family, friends and work.  Examining her goal, she found that while there was so much that she wanted, she didn’t know what she truly needed.  As so often happens in life, fulfilment was found not at the end of some make-believe rainbow, but along the journey to self-discovery”

SBBFor the month of June, Sarah talks mainly about having a garden that means something to you and delivers a wholeness that not only produces what you would most like it to, i.e., fruit and vegetables or flowers and a quiet relaxing space, but something that becomes meaningful to you and a natural extension of you and your home.  Easy and obviously said you may think; but this is not always the case.  Do you have the most relaxing and comfortable furniture that is available to your purse and size of garden?  Is it the sanctuary that you can lose yourself in when you need to?

It is these questions, along with others, that make us think and perhaps eventually start to view things differently to how we have before:

June 25 – Getting Started

“Plant it with the green side up” ~ Mary Ann and Frederick McGourty

Sarah asks us: “How does your garden grow? Does it grow at all?  If you’re having a hard time realising the garden that lives inside your heart, there’s a way, if there’s a desire.  Perhaps you don’t have a backyard because you live in a city apartment.  That doesn’t have to stop you.  Some of the prettiest gardens I’ve ever seen have been on front stoops.  If you have a balcony or a patio, you can create breathtaking container gardens that bloom with roses, annuals, herbs, tomatoes and vegetables.

If you don’t have a balcony or a patio, interior window boxes can provide you with blooming miniature gardens of seasonal plants all year long.  One of the most charming examples comes to us from the 1930’s: place white lattice in front of an interior window box.  Train the flowers up the lattice to form a delightful and unusual summer curtain” ~ taken from Simple Abundance, 25 June

Investing in some books that speak to you from the shelf, the ones that catch your eye, is a great way to start and gradually open up your eyes to see new things and for your creative side to produce new things.  It’s worth visiting a garden centre every month of the year, and looking to see what’s in colour and season at each time. Buy just one or two plants each time you visit, and in no time at all you will have planted and created a beautiful garden that has interest, colour and flower all year round

And my own favourite rule: ignore the advice that each plant should be planted 12 inches or so away from it’s neighbour!  Some of the most beautiful gardens are the ones that not only look the most established, but the most natural.  By planting individual plants together or side by side, you’re not only encouraging them to compete for the best results, but you’re creating a blanket of garden that is easily tended and has the least amount of encouragement for weeds; namely because there is little room for them to survive in!   Cherida


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